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About Us

We're a small, but effective 5 man team, as they say, 'size doesn't matter'.

Starting our own Indie Game Dev Company, JagerWare, we're able to make awesome games, for YOU, fellow gamers and enthusiasts.

So, browse our site and see what you like, and any feedback or questions are certainly welcome.

And Enjoy yourselves.

"The Enemy is your arsenal."

Nine Divided

A Mobile match-3 Strategy game, using its system to collect resources for your troops.


Vikings Overtaking Kingdoms

Our game; Kitsune Nine Divided, is a 3D Stealth-Platformer, wherein ‘The Enemy is your Arsenal.’

Playing as the Kitsune, a nine tailed mythical fox, you have the power to possess another being, allowing you to take control of different zodiac warriors, using their unique abilities and traits to solve puzzles and bypass previously impassable obstacles.


Nine Divided

A dark shooter, your only source of light; the muzzle flash of your gun.

Bullet Flare